The owners of a pizza shop in Pakistan have designed a 25 kg robot who can greet customers and carry pizzas to tables. The robot is designed as a woman, and wears a long dress and apron. It even has a scarf wrapped around its neck, so as to not offend conservative customers.

The pizza shop is located in Multan, and the owner, Osama Jafri, says that sales have more than doubled since the robot was launched in February. He is planning to implement three more robot waitresses and is also planning to open a new branch.

“I used to sell pizzas, but now restaurant owners want to buy robots from me,” says Jafri’s father Aziz.

Jafri is an electrical engineering graduate from the National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad. He had wanted to go to the US to study further, but his father convinced him to stay behind and contribute to the country.

“My son was interested in going to the United States for further studies, but I asked him to do something for our country, particularly this city (Multan). I am also feeling proud as a Multani; we have left Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad behind,” said his father.

Jafri was inspired by Chinese restaurants where, he says, robots are already working in restaurants. The robot can carry up to 5 kg of food.

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Picture Credit: Tribune