A 20-year-old Noida girl studying Bachelor of Arts in Shambhu Dayal Inter-College Ghaziabad, suddenly abandoned attending her classes. The Reason? Four men in their early twenties living in her locality (Chhajarsi in Noida) would follow her everywhere she goes and pass lewd comments.

She went through this harassment for a month before finally seeking help.

The girl, in a grip of fear, approached Noida’s Phase-3 police station on Monday for help. She confessed that she avoids stepping out of her home for fear of being stalked. In fact, the last day she stepped out of the house was on Rakshabandhan.

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“They always wander around our house and I am too scared to step out and walk about. Even my studies are being affected.”

She also reportedly told the cops that one of the four men proposed marriage to her. On her refusal, they threatened to harm her family. She added that the men also misbehaved with her father and thrashed him when he tried to intervene.

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The police have nabbed all four  –  Atul, Parvesh, Sushil and Dharmendra.

“We are extending every possible help to the victim, so that she can continue with her studies and live without any fear,” police official said.

The incident throws light on the much-debated condition of women’s safety in the country. It is because of some antisocial elements that women cannot exercise their freedom. The authorities must take some stringent measures to deal with such people. Only when Indian women can live fearless lives can they get education,  have brighter careers and contribute to the all-round development of the society.

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