Another case of the Blue Whale challenge has surfaced. This time, a 17-year-old boy from Kolkata used the game to stop his girlfriend from dumping him. The boy had failed his higher secondary exams. His girlfriend then expressed a desire to end the relationship. Shortly after, he posted an update on Facebook saying, “I have carved a specific phrase, a F-32 along with a Blue Whale, on my arm. First task successfully completed.”

On reading the post, the girl immediately called the cyber cell, who informed the police to take immediate action.

Experts counselled the boy, who now admits his mistake. He said, “I was wrong in using the Blue Whale scare to my advantage. I had wanted to scare my girlfriend so that she does not leave me.”

According to a Google trends report, Kolkata has the highest number of searches for the game in the world.

Seven Indian cities are among the top 10 in the world in searching for the game on Google. This includes, Guwahati, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Another rescued

On Thursday, a 22-year-old was rescued from the challenge from Puducherry. He said it was an ordeal and a virtual death trap. The Bombay HC has asked how the government can check if children are playing the online game. The Madras High Court has also directed the Central and Tamil Nadu governments to explore possibilities of banning the game. The court also said that schools and parents should counsel students about creating awareness about the dangerous game.

The game has already caused 150 deaths in Russia. It is spreading via social media. And some of the tasks include watching horror movies all day, cutting your lip, and other forms of self-harm.

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